Things Not to Lose in a Piano!

This story is from a while back. It was the late 80s, disco was king, and we got a call at 7:30 in the evening from an excited gentleman, complaining that he had dropped something inside his grand piano, and needed a technician to retrieve it right away. The only technician left that night was Janet (a former flower girl from Woodstock) and she said that she would go do this job for 75 bucks, as the last call of the day.

The next day, Janet walked over to me and gave me some details of the previous night’s ‘repair’. After she arrived at the customer’s apartment, she had discovered what the customer had dropped in the piano, and why he was so eager to retrieve it so late in the evening. Apparently he had dropped his bag of cocaine into the piano and, needing a high at that moment, wanted a technician over right away. Janet could understand that, of course, and retrieved most of the spilled cocaine from the piano. She didn’t tell me whether or not she got a good ‘tip’ too. Needless to say, this story ended on a high note!

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A piano store in New York City.
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